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Deluxe Home Automation Services in the South Bend, IN Area

If you’re an avid Smartphone user and would like to step up your home comfort, security and convenience, then home automation from Angel Security is for you. You can connect small systems like your lights, thermostat or security camera, or you can employ whole systems that step up your home experience.

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Popular Home Automation Services


With geofencing technology, you can create an area to interact with outside input, which would be your home and any surrounding area in your property. It can respond to stimuli from outdoors, indoors and your Smartphone input. The abilities of geofencing are endless! You can have your mailbox send you mail alerts, have your lights switch on when you arrive home and have two-way audio and video to interact with children, pets and visitors.

Self-Monitored Home Security Systems

Self-monitored home security systems allows you to have full input into the threat. You can respond to indoor threats as well, detecting when someone has opened your liquor or gun cabinet.

Fully Monitored Home Security Systems

Fully monitored home security systems allows someone to be dispatched quickly in the event of an emergency, if you’re too busy to check your phone. These are smart technologies so there’s no need to be concerned about them being triggered when they aren’t needed.