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Make Your Home Experience Better With Geofencing

Geofencing creates an invisible boundary around your home that allows devices within to be controlled by a Smartphone. This includes security systems and options for comfort and convenience. Virtually any device that runs on electricity can be controlled this way.

Angel Security can provide you endless geofencing options and benefits with our simple installation process.

Enjoy the Many Geofencing Possibilities

You might be entertained to see someone tell their cellphone to turn off their bedroom lights or make a few taps to lock the door after their children. But there are many more applications that geofencing provides. You will be able to set up all of these capabilities and more:

  • Video Doorbells - This is basically the remote version of a peephole. You can check who is there and decide whether to interact or not. If you’re receiving a package, you can use your two-way audio to have the delivery person leave your package, and you can lock up afterwards.
  • Pet Tracking - How good is training your dog if the rules change when you’re not there to enforce them? If you can’t bring yourself to keep your dog in a crate, try communicating remotely.
  • Automatic Comfort Control - Turning off your lights remotely is pretty cool. But you probably have a whole routine when you leave your home: changing the thermostat, locking doors, opening the garage door, turning off every light, etc. You can set these features to do the same actions everytime you or one of your family leaves and returns.

As you can see, you can set up entire systems and with ease, we might add. You can also set up very basic actions like mailbox alerts to save you a walk down your driveway. Seems a little frivolous until you try it!

Get Started On Your Geofencing Setup

Angel Security is trusted for geofencing all over the South Bend, IN area. Customers rely on us as a:

  • Honeywell Authorized Installer
  • Trustworthy Company Employing Traditional Values
  • Reliable Branch of the Award-Winning Great Lakes Heating

Interested in knowing what else geofencing is capable of? Just get in contact with Angel Security. We can show you comfort, convenience and security like you’ve never experienced!

Our home automation services are guaranteed to bring you what you’re looking for. By using quality products and having them installed by authorized installers, you can get exactly the promised results and much, much more. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help you explore them. From security to comfort to convenience, you can meet your overall goals.