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Monitored Home Defense System

Professional, Fully Monitored Home Security

A fully monitored home security system will give you the ultimate automation for your home. There are times when you are simply too busy to check every alert that your system produces, and having professional monitoring is very beneficial. If something is truly an emergency, a live operator can call the police or fire department for a dispatch.

Trust Angel Security for all of your monitored home security needs in the South Bend, IN area, including technical support.

Have Eyes On All Parts of Your Property

With the usage of these technologies, all of your property can be sufficiently monitored:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Sirens
  • Remote Access
  • Push Notifications
  • Sensors
  • Facial Recognition

You are free to step in and give your input to the system, but when it’s crucial, our monitoring system will step in and take action for you. The fire department will be called if you have a CO leak or a a fire has started. If someone attempts to break in, sirens will sound and the police will be called.

Conveniently, you are able to disable it when you’re at home. A monitored system can also have the benefit of an insurance discount for some providers.

When You Need Full Defense, Call Angel Security

Monitored home defense systems have stopped countless crimes from happening to innocent, unsuspecting homeowners. A fully monitored system watches your back at all times. What happens if you don’t have a phone signal and someone tries to break in? What happens if cannot take the time to look at an alert? That’s where Angel Security monitoring comes in.

We are trusted for our:

  • Traditional Values
  • Award-Winning Founding Company: Great Lakes Heating
  • Honeywell Installer Authorization

Call us at 574-287-2397 , and let us be your Guardian Angel.

Our home automation services are guaranteed to bring you what you’re looking for. By using quality products and having them installed by authorized installers, you can get exactly the promised results and much, much more. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help you explore them. From security to comfort to convenience, you can meet your overall goals.